Jeremy Friese Multi-Instrumentalist

Ambition Or Nothing

Instrumental Music

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Soul Of Sentimentum

Instrumental Music

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Lied der Tränen

Instrumental Music

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Ein Sturm zieht auf

Instrumental Music

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Endlose Seele

Instrumental Music

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What is important to me to be a guitarist?

I think it's important to give yourself to the music and to deal with it intensively! If you have no desire to do so, you can also leave it directly. That is my opinion. There are many opinions about instrumental music. So why don't you just form your own?

It's not hard to compose. But it is fabulously difficult to let the superfluous notes fall under the table.

If a music has succeeded in aligning us in our whole being with the noble, it has done the best. If a composer has conquered his music to such an extent that it could do this best, then he has achieved the highest. Bach has achieved this highest.


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Music is soothing for me and I enjoy playing my guitar. I started playing guitar back in school. That was 18 years ago now. My music teacher, who is a very good guitarist, used to show me all the basics and teach me what to look for when I have an acoustic guitar. He still wanted to teach me how to tune the guitar by ear, but unfortunately the school time was not enough for that anymore. After school, I still played the guitar regularly. My music teacher always said: "Playing instruments is something very special, because not everyone does it.

Quotes from my idols

There is no way around grief and loss: you can avoid it all you want, but sooner or later you have to deal with it and hopefully come out the other side. The world you find there will never be the same as the one you left.

- Johnny Cash

"Critics don't worry me because if I do it wrong, I know I did it wrong before they write it. And if I do it well, I know I did it well. I know my stuff, so a critic doesn't make me mad." - Frank Sinatra

"Music should never offend the ear, even in the most gruesome situation, but still be pleasurable in the process; consequently, it should always remain music." - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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